RadiUID 2.0.1

Following my recent blog post I got in touch with the developer and he has updated RadiUID to work "out of the box" with Ruckus Zonedirector. https://github.com/PackeTsar/radiuid/releases/tag/2.0.1

Ruckus & RadiUID – A PAN User xml api RADIUS account agent.

A month or so ago through a bit of digging I discovered this gem on packetpushers. http://packetpushers.net/radiuid/ As you may be aware PAN offers a variety of agents and methods of mapping user to IP address. Via agents, WMI scraping, or filtering syslog. What you may or may not be aware of is that PAN have published a RESTful XML API for pushing User-ID to their agents, and their firewalls. Why is this useful, and why do I care? This is particularly useful in environments where you'd like to track wireless users that are authenticating…


I love the double colon key. www.ipv6buddy.com  

Remote Packet Capture – SRX – Directly to Wireshark

Whilst I build Juniper labs for my own self study, I often like to view a complete packet capture so I can understand protocols. Often my packet capturing workstation, isn't directly connected to the juniper appliances, so a simple port mirror won't work. So I thought why not tunnel the packets to the workstation over a nice GRE tunnel? Here's a quick, and of course naff doodle. So I wish to capture BGP packets on the R2's interface connected to network   First I create a firewall filter matching on packets using…

Network Mapping/Auditing Software

I've had a bit of interest with utilising software to map out networks & to help automate a lot of the hands on Visio work. I'll be testing in my home lab over the next few weeks a product called NetBrain. From what I've seen it looks very interesting. Will follow up with a few screenshots and words over the next coming weeks.